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Jay Mohr Sports

TJ Dillashaw basking in the glow of his UFC Bantamweight title

UFC star and new Bantamweight champion, TJ Dillashaw, joined Jay Mohr Sports on Friday after his huge win over Renan Barao at UFC 173. We asked him if Barao deserves a rematch in his next fight.

Mohr: “After beating Renan Barao, are you looking at a rematch against him or are you going to lure the kid who beat you, Raphael Assuncao, to the United States for a rematch?”

Dillashaw: “I don’t think Barao should get an immediate rematch. If I had knocked him out in the first round and it was a fluke, I could see that happening. But I demolished him for five rounds!!! I laid down the blueprint of how to beat Barao. I feel like he needs to get back to the drawing board and work his way up.”


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